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Violence and Guns in Chicago: Understanding the Background

March 12, 2013

The recent Sandy Hook school massacre has ignited a national debate regarding gun regulation and gun possession. Violence and gun-related violence should be central to measured discussion leading to a national debate. Facts and statistics are essential as a point of departure for informed discussion.

The National Strategy Forum (NSF) takes no position on the forthcoming national gun regulation / gun possession debate because we are not experts in this field. The NSF’s competency is national security strategy, wherein there is a process that begins with setting a strategic objective: “The Whole of City Approach to Chicago’s Civic Health.” The focus is on violence and gun-related violence.

The essay “Violence and Guns in Chicago: Understanding the Background” was prepared for a public program held at the Union League Club of Chicago on February 14, 2013. ┬áThe intent of the essay is to present unbiased violence and gun statistics in order to inform public discussion about the underlying root causes of violence in Chicago neighborhoods.

Violence and Guns in Chicago: Understanding the Background

By Eric S. Morse and Richard E. Friedman