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Is There a Europe to be Saved?

June 28, 2012

With the European summit on June 28-29, all eyes are on this meeting as the leaders address their region’s deteriorating economic crisis.  Can the European Union be saved?  Is there even a sense of European community to save?

Endy Zemenides, a National Strategy Forum Review Editorial Board member, discusses the problem of solidarity among the European states and why the lack of solidarity is impeding a quick solution to the economic crisis.  The ability for Europe to solidify around a common cause will have broad repercussions for U.S. national security.

Read Is There a Europe to be Saved? by Endy Zemenides at the Huffington Post.



Winter 2011 National Strategy Forum Review

February 21, 2011


The Winter 2011 issue of the National Strategy Forum Review is now available online.  This issue titled “Thinking About National Security: An NSF Guidebook for 2011” serves as a concise overview of the emerging trends in national security and national strategy.

There are a number of emerging national security threats that will define this decade.  How should the US think about economic security?  What are the trends in homeland security?  How can the DoD respond to budget cuts while preparing the military for the future?  Is US foreign policy focusing enough attention on emerging regions?  Given the challenges in Afghanistan, what should be our strategy with Pakistan?

Crafting a national security strategy requires: 1) an understanding of the issues; and 2) developing possible policy solutions.  The Winter 2011 NSFR puts these emerging trends in context and suggests ways of thinking about policy solutions.  Articles are available for download as PDFs.

Winter 2011 National Strategy Forum Review: “Thinking About National Security: An NSF Guidebook for 2011”

ECFA, Taiwan, and the East Asian Balance of Power

July 9, 2010

Taiwan and China signed an important free trade agreement last week.  On the surface, the agreement appear positive, but dig a little deeper and there are some major national security implications for the United States, Taiwan, and East Asia.

ECFA, Taiwan, and the East Asian Balance of Power

By Eric S. Morse

EU Economic Crisis & US National Security

May 21, 2010

The theme for the first NSFR  blog is “The EU Economic Crisis and the Effects on U.S. National Security.”  Posted below are three articles that address this theme from different perspectives.  First, the NSF Insider article provides an overview of the EU economic crisis and its three major effects on U.S. national security.  Second, Dr. Alex Papadopoulos describes how the economic problems in Greece may cause a reshuffling of NATO priorities.  Third, Andrew Cottey summarizes the impact of the economic crisis on Ireland and its national security spending.

NSF Insider: EU Economic Crisis
By Eric S. Morse

A Strategic Silver Lining in the Greek Economic Crisis?  An Opportunity for a Systemic Security Shift in NATO’s Flank
By Dr. Alex G. Papadopoulos

Odd PIG Out: Ireland and the Economic Crisis
By Andrew Cottey