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Violence and Guns in Chicago: Understanding the Background

March 12, 2013

The recent Sandy Hook school massacre has ignited a national debate regarding gun regulation and gun possession. Violence and gun-related violence should be central to measured discussion leading to a national debate. Facts and statistics are essential as a point of departure for informed discussion.

The National Strategy Forum (NSF) takes no position on the forthcoming national gun regulation / gun possession debate because we are not experts in this field. The NSF’s competency is national security strategy, wherein there is a process that begins with setting a strategic objective: “The Whole of City Approach to Chicago’s Civic Health.” The focus is on violence and gun-related violence.

The essay “Violence and Guns in Chicago: Understanding the Background” was prepared for a public program held at the Union League Club of Chicago on February 14, 2013.  The intent of the essay is to present unbiased violence and gun statistics in order to inform public discussion about the underlying root causes of violence in Chicago neighborhoods.

Violence and Guns in Chicago: Understanding the Background

By Eric S. Morse and Richard E. Friedman

Webcast Discussion: Anti-NATO and Pro-NATO Perspectives on the 2012 Chicago NATO Summit

May 18, 2012

The May 17, 2012 discussion between the anti-NATO and pro-NATO perspectives during the Chicago NATO 2012 Summit weekend was held at the Pritzker Military Library in downtown Chicago.  The live webcast is now archived at the YouTube link below.  The theme for the webcast was “Social Responsibility and National Security: Towards a New NATO”.

Public Discussion With Chicago Anti-NATO Protestors: Live Webcast May 17th

May 17, 2012

The National Strategy Forum is hosting a live, public discussion between the anti-NATO protestors and the pro-NATO position in a webcast event from the Pritzker Military Library on May 17th at 6PM CST.  Information about the event and how to access the live (and later archived) webcast can be found in the press release here.  The event is by RSVP only, but the public can view the webcast online.

The webcast theme is: “Social Responsibility and National Security: Towards a New NATO”

The webcast can be viewed by accessing the following link:

President Ma’s Cross-Strait Strategy: The Tiger’s New Posture

June 6, 2011

On May 12, 2011, President Ma of Taiwan gave a speech via videoconference to a National Strategy Forum audience in Chicago and a Center for Strategic & International Studies audience in Washington, DC.  The substance of the speech was Ma’s strategy for managing the Cross-Strait negotiations, with wide-ranging implication for the China-Taiwan and U.S.-Taiwan relationships.

For a summary and analysis of the speech, read the article:

President Ma’s Cross-Strait Strategy: The Tiger’s New Posture

The Canadian Exemplar: Partnering with the U.S. to Secure North America

January 14, 2011

NSF Event Announcement: February 1, 2011 at the Union League Club of Chicago

The U.S. needs  friends and allies.  Canada, our friend next door, is flourishing while operating under the American public’s radar: it manages its political and economic issues with skill, and keeps its people safe.  In many ways, this is the reason that few Americans pay attention to Canada.  A sound national strategy is both the reason for Canada’s low visibility and the key to its success.  Canada and the U.S. have many things in common, but the comparisons worth focusing on are the ones that provide positive lessons that can be applied to America’s current problems.  What can the U.S. learn from Canada’s experience?  And in what ways are the U.S. and Canada working together to produce a prosperous and secure North America?  There are at least four reasons why Americans should start to pay attention. (more…)