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Russian Roulette with Project BioShield

July 28, 2010

House Democrats have proposed to strip $2 billion from the nation’s bioterrorism emergency fund, Project BioShield.  Recent studies demonstrate the danger of bioterrorism and pandemics to the U.S., in addition to precarious nature of our country’s bioterrorism preparation.  Consequently, the House bill is cause for concern.  Individual preparedness may be the only remedy for an ill-equipped federal emergency response to biological attacks or pandemics, but there are a number of impediments to this recourse.  The following article  suggests that U.S. biological attack and pandemic preparations are threatened by the funding cuts to Project BioShield.

Russian Roulette with Project BioShield
By Eric S. Morse

Media and National Security

July 14, 2010

The resignation of General McChrystal in the wake of the Rolling Stone article presents an opportunity to reflect on the media-military relationship and its effects on national security.  Below are three articles that address this civil-military issue from different perspectives.

In addition, subsequent to the Persian Gulf War, the McCormick Foundation has conducted many media-military conferences.  You may wish to check the McCormick Foundation website to view these conference reports.  A direct link to the past conference reports page is available here.

One Mistake Should Not Beget Another
By Bill Smullen

Loose Lips Sink Ships
By Jorie Lueloff

Media and National Security
By Richard E. Friedman and Eric S. Morse

ECFA, Taiwan, and the East Asian Balance of Power

July 9, 2010

Taiwan and China signed an important free trade agreement last week.  On the surface, the agreement appear positive, but dig a little deeper and there are some major national security implications for the United States, Taiwan, and East Asia.

ECFA, Taiwan, and the East Asian Balance of Power

By Eric S. Morse