Israel Naval Blockade and Strategic Response

Israel’s naval blockade is inflaming tensions in the Middle East.  News agencies have reported that Iran is sending humanitarian aid ships to Gaza, possibly escorted by Revolutionary Guard vessels (see Reuters link below).  A naval confrontation is likely in the near future.

The NSF has written a strategic analysis of Israel’s available options for response.  In addition, several other links below provide contextual background to the recent naval blockade conflict.  One way or another, Israel will have to think critically about the strategic options available for action, and the potential consequences to its international relationships.

NSF Insiders: The Israel Naval Blockade and Strategic Response
By Richard E. Friedman and Eric S. Morse

Reuters News: Iranian Aid Ships Head for Gaza

A Brief History of the Gaza Folly
By Gershom Gorenberg

Report: IHH Preparation for a Violent Confrontation with IDF Soldiers Aboard the Turkish Ship Mavi Mamara

Weekly Standard: Erdogan, Qaradawi, Ramadan, Hamas, and Obama
By Stephen Schwartz



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