U.S. National Security Strategy 2010

On May 27, 2010, the Obama administration released their “National Security Strategy 2010.”  Given the Memorial Day weekend, and the BP oil disaster, many news agencies glossed over this document’s release.

Five months before the government’s strategy, in December 2009, the NSFR published an in-house “U.S. National Security Strategy 2010,” which has been widely read amongst national security analysts, including those who drafted the Obama administration’s document.  Today, even after the release of the U.S. government’s document, the NSFR publication ranks #1 in a Google search result for “U.S. National Security Strategy 2010.”

We have written an brief comparison of the NSFR national security strategy and the Obama administration’s national security strategy, found in the link below.  In addition, you will find direct links to both the NSFR “U.S. National Security Strategy 2010” and the Obama administration’s “National Security Strategy 2010” documents in the links below.  We invite you to compare and contrast the documents on their own merits, and to keep in mind that they are written for different audiences and purposes.

Analysis of the Obama Administration’s “National Security Strategy 2010”
By Eric S. Morse

NSFR Publication: U.S. National Security Strategy 2010

White House Document: National Security Strategy 2010



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