EU Economic Crisis & US National Security

The theme for the first NSFR  blog is “The EU Economic Crisis and the Effects on U.S. National Security.”  Posted below are three articles that address this theme from different perspectives.  First, the NSF Insider article provides an overview of the EU economic crisis and its three major effects on U.S. national security.  Second, Dr. Alex Papadopoulos describes how the economic problems in Greece may cause a reshuffling of NATO priorities.  Third, Andrew Cottey summarizes the impact of the economic crisis on Ireland and its national security spending.

NSF Insider: EU Economic Crisis
By Eric S. Morse

A Strategic Silver Lining in the Greek Economic Crisis?  An Opportunity for a Systemic Security Shift in NATO’s Flank
By Dr. Alex G. Papadopoulos

Odd PIG Out: Ireland and the Economic Crisis
By Andrew Cottey


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